May Networking Breakfast

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10 May 2019

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07:30 AM

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Woodcrest Country Club , Cherry Hill

Hold Fast To Your Dreams: With Vince Papale

The Catholic Business Network of South Jersey is proud to present:


Vince and his wife, Janet Cantwell will share their inspriational story!

Janet is a former US World Team Gymnast, Janet Cantwell, and they reside in Cherry Hill, NJ, with their two children Gabriella and Vincent.

Some of Hollywood’s most inspirational movies were born from the world of sports. One in particular inspired not only sports fans but anyone with a pulse. In 2006 Walt Disney Pictures continued their triumphant tradition of motivating sports stories with the release of INVINCIBLE. It’s a stirring football drama starring Mark Wahlberg as Vince Papale, an ordinary guy who, against all odds, takes his shot at every fan’s fantasy of going from the grandstands to the gridiron. It has been described that Papale’s odds of achieving his wildest lifelong dream of playing for the Eagles as “one in a gazillion!”

Instantly electrifying the fans and eventually winning over skeptical teammates with his gritty play, Papale helped the Eagles rediscover their winning ways. From being voted Special Teams Captain by his teammates to earning Eagles “man of the Year’ in 1978 for his numerous charitable activities Papale was an NFL sensation until a shoulder injury ended his playing career in 1979. Having now added “cancer survivor” to his bio, Papale continues to hold the record for being the oldest rookie in the National Football League (kickers excluded). He was recently honored by the Eagles and their fans and was named “Most Outstanding Special Teams Player” during a celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles 75th anniversary.

Today, Vince and Janet – electrify audiences and are regarded as top motivational speakers in the country.

A story of the ultimate underdog continues to thrill audiences high energy and strong humor!

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  • Woodcrest Country Club
  • 300 East Evesham Road
  • Cherry Hill
  • New Jersey
  • United States
  • Fri, 10 May 2019 07:30 AM - Fri, 10 May 2019 09:00 AM

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